Baker Bistro
Bacon, Egg, Tomato & Swiss Panini
Sourdough covered with fresh tomatoes, layered with bacon, Swiss cheese and perfectly scrambled eggs. $6.00

Southwest Breakfast Burrito 
A flour tortilla wrapped around bacon, scrambled eggs, and our exotic grains & fire roasted vegetables. Topped with salsa at your request. $5.50

Egg & Ham or Bacon Croissant
Fresh scrambled eggs, bacon or spiral-cut ham, & your choice of cheese. $4.00

Breakfast Wrap    
Fresh scrambled eggs, bacon or spiral-cut ham & cheddar cheese in your choice of tortilla. $4.00

Ask your server about today’s selection. $3.50

Hot Cereal      
Your choice of oatmeal or cracked wheat, served w/butter, brown sugar, raisins & cream. $3.00

Cinnamon Roll
A delicious cinnamon swirled treat.
Home-made Muffins   $2.50
Check with your server for today’s creations.
Danish     $1.00
Select from a variety of fresh grab-n-go choices.
Jelly Toast     $2.00
Bagel & Cream Cheese    $2.00
Huge Rice Crispy Treats    $2.50
Cookies    $1.50
Coffee & Tea
Carmel Macchiato   $3.75
Mint Mocha    $3.75
Latte      $3.00
Mocha..White or Dark    $3.50
Breve      $3.50
Americano     $2.00
Chai Tea Latte    $3.50
Steamer     $2.00
Kids Cocoa      $1.00
Brewed Coffee    $1.50 
Pressed Pot of Coffee $4.00 
Mighty Leaf Tea    $2.00